Thursday, 7 April 2011

Frankie Oatway is a con artist, liar and an abuser. He's no film star

This is for all those that end up being exposed to Frankie Oatway.  It's to let you know you're not alone.  That he is more than likely what you've now come to realize he is.

First of all, straight up, he's a con artist.  But not the glamorous type of criminal he likes to tell people.

His main occupation is seducing women, taking them for their cash, usualy more than one woman at a time and then does a runner after heavily abusing them emotionally.

He uses the cash from the many women he has on the go at once to fund the 'collection' of a new woman.  He's a serial stalker.

There's evidence he has had a previous ex "girlfriend" commit suicide from the torment and he has to move at regular intervals to avoid the families of these women that he works his way through.  As far as we can tell he's been chased out of the UK, perhaps Australia and is continuing his filthy abusive habit in the US.

Beware of his stories.  Frankie Oatway was never born in Petticoat lane, has never acted in any of the BBC shows he talks about and was never a marine or SAS in the army like he says he was.

He's never had leading roles in any of his shows, only bit parts for literally a couple of seconds and to get those bit parts he lied as he does with most things.

I am writing this, not in any way to put him down, as believe me, he'll never stop, he's a serial psychopath and will continue to lie and steal his way through life, but to warn you of associating with him and to let those know who have been burnt and threatened by him that you're not alone.

He has threatened nearly everyone who gets in his way with severe physical threats and most are too scared to speak out.  This is part of his tactic.

One day someone will expose him and you don't want to be attached or associated with him in any way at all when he goes down.  I'm writing this for you, to protect yourself, like I, and the many others he's wronged over the years failed to.  I dread the day I met Frankie Oatway.  He has destroyed so many lives and left such torment behind him.

He's very good at talking and getting away with things, what an amazing personality, but the damage done on the way is disgusting and his life is built on lies.  EVERYTHING he says is more than likely a lie.  You may get 10% truth out of him, but, you'd never know what is truth and what is lie.

SO, protect yourself, your reputation, your profesionalism.  Protect your bank account, protect your family and friends.  Avoid the liar who's trampling his way through life at others expenses.   Pettycoat lane and the marines!  It's too amazing to be true, because it's not.

I hope this helps.  I hope you find this advice before you get too involved with him and he ruins you.


  1. I totally agree with everything that has been written above as I have also been one of Frankie Oatway's 'victims'. He is a destructive and disgusting man. I know just how the poor girl who committed suicide in Spain felt, as I could have so easily taken the same path. He is a dangerous, manipulative and evil man. May you rot in hell Frankie Paul Oatway.

  2. Funny I did behind the scenes of "No Love For Harry" here in Australia & saw his flirting with the leading lady who was married! I did question him a few times & at the end he didn't pay me. My business suffered due to him & by the time I was about to take him to the police he had fled to the USA. Anyway I wish he goes to Jail....